About Us

While visiting a flea market one day an idea was born.
Since we had the perfect situation in Bishopville, SC we thought why not open a flea market here.

We had some large cotton warehouses that were not being used with plenty of parking space,
only a couple of blocks from main street Bishopville in South Carolina
and only 3 miles from interstate I-20.

So with that idea we began the process of creating Bishopville Flea and Farmers Market.

We officially opened in August of 2009.

Our vendors have a very good selection of items.
They have anything from fine jewelry - collectibles- antiques - hand made crafts -
clothing - tools and everyday needed items for the home and your person.

Our flea marked is enclosed with lots of room for one to be able to move about and look at
each booth without being crowded. We also have outdoor tables for those who prefer them.
There is food on the premises with clean wheelchair accessible restrooms.
One of our goals is to maintain a very clean and safe Flea and Farmers market.

We currently have 39 indoor booths with future plans to expand another 50 indoor booths.
Also, vendors can leave their items at their booth from week to week without having to pack and unpack everyday. Please contact or come by for details.